Criminal defense. Education Law. Juvenile law. Securities Fraud.




If you would like to discuss your case immediately I offer an initial phone consultation. I charge a flat fee of $75, and I take credit cards. If not in court, I answer my own phone.

Although a lawyer-client relationship can be established without the payment of a fee, I prefer to eliminate any ambiguity and consider this initial consultation to be a paid engagement for legal advice, which I will provide during our call. I will never charge you and then not attempt to help you. I will always provide you a fair assessment of what I can do, if anything, for your situation. 


My hourly rate is $200 after an initial phone consultation, if any. I bill in 15 minute increments. I do not charge for missed phone attempts or casual conversations with other lawyers which were not strategic attempts on my part to advance your case. 

If you hire me I will request a retainer up-front, before I do any work on your case. The amount of the retainer will vary on the work involved and your individual circumstances.

Ohio law states that I must place your retainer in my trust account. As I do work on your case I will notify you of fees and costs which you have incurred and draw that amount from my trust account.

If pursuing recovery of money I charge a case preparation fee plus a contingency fee, which is a percentage of the amount you have lost plus other damages you have incurred, such as lost wages, fraud or victim rewards, property damage, medical bills, or punitive damages. 


For some criminal charges I may offer a flat fee, which includes two (2) court appearances by me on your behalf up to a pre-trial dismissal or plea arrangement not requiring a trial. Flat fee arrangements never include a jury or bench (judge) trial. 


I do not maintain malpractice insurance. 


I do not maintain paper files unless you have provided me original documents which I need for court. Otherwise all of my files are maintained on computer storage. I utilize the cloud storage services of iCloud (Apple), Microsoft, and Google. My policy for electronic storage of your case file is governed by the policies of iCloud, Microsoft, and Google. Upon conclusion of our engagement I will email a copy of your electronic case file to myself and to you, store it on the cloud, and delete all information from my electronic devices except for your contact information, which I will keep indefinitely. I will never intentionally provide your personal information to anyone unless I deem it is in your best interest to advance your case. 

I will document all communications between us and all fees and costs via email. You must provide me an email address during our initial phone consultation.